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Providing Environmental Drilling Services to the Tri-State Area

About Us

We have the right equipment to tackle the toughest projects

Services we offer include but are not limited to:

  • Soil Borings
  • Temporary groundwater sampling points
  • Permanent groundwater monitoring wells installed via
    • Hollow Stem Augers
    • Air Rotary Drilling 
    • Mud Rotary Drilling
  • Concrete coring
  • Injection wells
  • Soil gas extraction points
  • Well abandonments
  • Waste management-
    • Disposal of drill cuttings and purge water
  • Site Remediation Services
  • Private Utility Markouts

More than 15 years of drilling experience

Our personnel has more than a combined 55 years experience the environmental industry in the Tri - State Area.  

We belive that our attitude, knowledge base, and equipment  is a winning combination that gives us a distinct  advantage over our competition.

From start to finish...

 When working with our parent company, ENR Contracting, we  can efficiently transition your project from the investigation phase to the remediation phase if needed.  ENR has a breadth of experience in remediation jobs varying from the most complex soil excavations and demolitions to small residential tank removals. Find out how we can help you out on your next project.

Our Equipment

Geoprobe® 7822DT

  The Geoprobe® 7822DT is a very versatile machine.  We are able to install monitoring wells using hollow stem augers, air rotary and mud rotary drilling methods.  We are able to advance soil borings to greater depths than those achieved by either of our other machines. Working height for this machine is 15 feet vertically.    

Geoprobe® 5410

  The Geoprobe® 5410 is a mounted on the back of a 4 wheel drive Ford F350 Pickup truck.  This rig is powerful and very mobile.  It allows us to get to many locations very quickly

Geoprobe® 54LT

The Geoprobe® 54LT allows us to advance soil borings and temp wells in limited space areas.  It will fit through a door 36" wide which allows us to advance interior boring an in other limited access areas.


Ted Budzynski - President

Ted has 33 years in working in the environmental industry in and around New Jersey.  To say the least, he has seen a lot over the years...  He is also the President of ENR Contracting, an environmental contracting and waste disposal company located in Winslow, New Jersey.  Pennington's clients will receive the benefit of his expertise in the industry when projects take an unexpected turn by guiding them through proven and cost effective cleanup methods.

John Grelis - Operations Manager

John has 10 years experience in the environmental industry.  After graduating from Lehigh University, he spent time working in the Marcellus Shale before working in the field as an environmental consultant. His understanding of the science and the consultant's objectives allow  Pennington to better serve our clients.

AJ Benjamin - Drilling Superintendent

AJ is a licensed well driller with over 15 years experience of drilling in the Tri-State Area. He is also  a Veteran of the United States Marines.  AJ's knowledge and drilling skills are a great asset to our team.  He enjoys and excels at working on  challenging projects and produces outstanding results for our clients.


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