Our Services

Well Drilling


We can install permanent and temporary monitoring well points to any desired specification. 

Injection Wells


We can install injection wells and conduct injections utilizing our rigs and equipment.

Soil Borings


We provide direct push and geotechnical soil boring options down to 100' below ground surface.

Well Abandonment


When a monitoring well is no longer needed, we can abandon the well according the state standards or your firms preferences.

Geophysical Surveying


We offer various types of geophysical surveying for anomaly detection, locating, or investigation.



We are equipped to perform geotechnical drilling on projects where this method is necessary.

Air & Mud Rotary


When your project requires a rotary method involving air or mud, we have the capabilities and experience to offer these solutions.



From water to soil-gas sampling. Whatever you need, we'll extract it.


disposal, waste, 55-gallon drums, drilling, pennington environmental, environmental

IDW created from drilling activities can be easily managed and disposed of by us so you can focus your time on more important matters.

Our Rigs

Geoprobe® 7822DT

The Geoprobe® 7822DT is a very versatile machine and we own two of them.  We are able to install monitoring wells using hollow stem augers, air rotary, and mud rotary drilling methods.  Additionally, we are equipped to perform geotechnical drilling methods. Working height for this machine is 15 feet vertically. 

Geoprobe® 5410

The Geoprobe® 5410 is mounted on the back of a 4 wheel drive Ford F350 Pickup truck.  This rig is powerful and very mobile. This rig is a perfect unit for street and highway work where drilling locations can be spaced over miles of road.

Geoprobe® 54LT

The Geoprobe® 54LT allows us to advance soil borings and temp wells in limited space areas.  It will fit through a door 36" wide which allows us to advance interior borings and in other limited access areas.